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Hello and Welcome to my blog.

My name is Randi Thimesch.

I am a life-long Kansan, wife, mom, grandmother. I have worked as a Social Worker, taught parenting classes, ran a home day care, trained people how to use software programs, and built a few computers in my day.

It has only been recently I have admitted to being a geek.

Note, I am not a nerd. I am a techie, trekkie, sort of geek.

Perhaps it doesn’t make much sense for a former social worker to be a geek but here is the simple answer – both have the challenge of solving problems.

Mind you, being a geek does not mean I am Social Media Guru.  Social Media is just a tool to connect with others and share information.  When I once sat in a chair as a therapist, I sought out the best possible tools in which to facilitate communication between my clients and myself, as well teach better methods clients could better communicate in their daily lives at work and at home.

Today I use computers, technology, email, social media and blogging to teach better communication skills so today’s busy women can live their lives in the best way possible.  The trick is to figure out which platform or combination of platforms can be the most efficient.

Besides, I believe there is something else going on much more powerful than Social Media.

It is the curating of big data.

Every time you conduct a search on Google, you are giving out clues to Google what problems people are seeking to solve. Each time you like a business page, you give that   business permission to contact you about their products, services and offers. Believe me, your local grocery store knows more about you and your shopping habits than your neighbors do.

Or even your mom.

Armed with this information, big business now knows America’s shopping habits better than Americans know themselves.  And they know how to use your subconscious to influence your behavior, your habits, and your decisions how to spend money.

But there is something Google and big business can not do – be human.

Oh sure, there are humans behind Google or big business but do you know that someone by name and phone number? If there is another downturn in our economy, will that person still be there to answer your questions?

But here is the good news. Because of technology, especially the Internet, you can find someone who can help you solve whatever problem you might have. You can connect with real people who sincerely wish to help whether they may be offline or online.

I just want to make note, I am a real person and I am here to help.  Not only that, I have an online coach and hundreds of other people who can also be of assistance.

To your success

Randi Thimesch





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One thought on “Work with Me

  1. I’m ecstatic to find your site, Randi! It’s comforting to know that there is a kindred spirit out there, roughly the same age demographic, and working with women, obviously very bright, heart-felt and with a spirit of adventure. I would feel very comfortable asking you for guidance and support. I can’t wait to watch your podcasts.