What is a Podcast?

26327_10200588129529161_2021693145_nA podcast is simply a digital audio file which is made available FREE (for the most part) over the Internet. A listener to a podcast involves the physical transfer of a file from a host (like iTunes) to a subscriber’s computer  or portable media device – that’s YOU! People like me who produce a podcast want to find people like you who are interested in listening to what we have to say.

I must admit, I did not wake up one day and declared I wanted to record a podcast.  If fact, our podcast began as a pre-recorded radio show and it was broadcasted at a later date.  Once the show aired, the digital files were uploaded to a podcast directory and each show was made available online.  Now our recordings live on and on in cyberspace just waiting for someone to discover us!

Telling people I am a co-host of a podcast has been quite a conversation starter!  Often the first question is “what is a podcast?” So I am going to do my best to explain as basically as possible.  For starters…

  • A podcast is not a talk radio show.  It may sound like talk radio, but talk radio is always live in real time over the air.
  • Many syndicated radio shows are podcasts because the show is pre-recorded.
  • The person who produces the podcast always owns the original podcast physical audio file.
  • Podcasts can be audio, video, or in a text format.
  • Podcasts are inexpensive to create and free to listeners
  • Listeners can chose when they listen to a podcast whereas a radio show airs according to their schedule.

Podcasting, unlike other media forms, has very little fees involved in production costs.  A microphone, a computer, and an opinion is all that is needed to start a podcast.  A podcast can help anyone in business to get more exposure, visibility and creditability.

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