Tommy Jordan has an online identity

Just in case you haven’t seen this video, now is the time to watch.  This is a story of a dad who decided to let his daughter know who is in charge. It has generated much debate over his parenting style.  See what you think.

Here is my case in point:  This dad, Tommy Jordan, was a nobody two weeks ago.  In a fit of anger, he made this video and posted it onto his daughter’s Facebook page.  It went viral.  He was taken back at the interest his video generated.

Just being curious,  I checked the name ‘” for domain availability on GoDaddy.  Bad news for Internet squatters, but Thomas Jordan reserved in 2003.  So here he is, Guiter player in a group out of good old Athens, GA.  I would also like to note, Thomas Jordan of Athens, GA is well, old. (Or can I refer to Tommy Jordan as a hippie?)  His age did not stop him from reserving his name on a piece of Internet real estate.  His age isn’t stopping him from doing what he loves – obviously music.

Today, I bet he is pretty damn glad he owns his own piece of the World Wide Web.

Isn’t about time you take your piece of the action too?





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