Ditch your All-in-One Printer unless it chills your wine too.

liteicon_comp_printer-blueToday I purchased a plain photo scanner with no whistles or bells. It won’t send a message to my smartphone when it needs to be updated. It will never talk to my coffeepot or washer and dryer.  Neither will it fax paperwork, print homework assignments nor chill my wine.

Yes, I am exaggerating about scanners which claim to chill my wine but here’s my point:   I am so OVER machines or services or people which claim to do it all.  Here’s why.

The last all-in-one machine I purchased promised the world to me and I believed every word. I consulted Consumer Reports and Googled its specs. It was wireless and had four separate ink cartridges of red, yellow, green and black. I was in love.

I was so excited because the last printer I purchased stopped printing when either the color or the black cartridge were low or empty. I was sure I’d spend less buying a singular color at a time versus the $50 color cartridge.

I was so, so wrong.  My heart was broken.

Once again, the machine quit working when the ink ran low. This time, it wasn’t just the printer. It was the scanner and the fax machine as well.


If that wasn’t rotten enough, I replace the yellow and the machine told me I was out of red. Back to the store I go!  Now the machine now told me I was out of blue ink.  Back to the store to buy blue. Now the darn machine told me the black was also low.

Why, oh why didn’t the stupid thing tell me that the FIRST TIME and saved me 3 trips to the store? Now I have spent over $75 in new ink. So much for saving money.

Adding insult to injury, the same thing happened within a month. This time, I took all the cartridges into the local shop which refills ink cartridges. He said it was a sad fact – ink for that particular machine evaporates.

So printing in shades of black instead of color wasn’t saving a cent. The colored ink was going to need replacement each month whether I used it or not.

And the wireless part? If the Internet went down, then the printer went down too.

Oh just forget it. No wonder people have a hatred for technology.

Perhaps my home office looks cluttered with a printer, a fax machine, and a scanner but I am so much happier having technology which consistently works.

Just because I help others with their tech problems, it doesn’t mean my tech life is perfect.  It is far from it.  I am just that stubborn to make a machine do what I want it to do.

And if you find a printer which chills wine, be sure to give me a buzz.  I might be convinced to change my mind about multipurpose machines!  In the meantime, I am in business to help people with their tech.  Let me know how I can help you!


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