What is a Podcast?

26327_10200588129529161_2021693145_nA podcast is simply a digital audio file which is made available FREE (for the most part) over the Internet. A listener to a podcast involves the physical transfer of a file from a host (like iTunes) to a subscriber’s computer  or portable media device – that’s YOU! People like me who produce a podcast want to find people like you who are interested in listening to what we have to say.

I must admit, I did not wake up one day and declared I wanted to record a podcast.  If fact, our podcast began as a pre-recorded radio show and it was broadcasted at a later date.  Once the show aired, the digital files were uploaded to a podcast directory and each show was made available online.  Now our recordings live on and on in cyberspace just waiting for someone to discover us!

Financial Tech Habits of Baby Boomers [Infographic]

hand using touch screen mobile phoneBABY BOOMERS ARE NOT IN THE TECHNOLOGICAL DARK AGES.

In fact, they spend more money on technology than any other age group and are right up there with the younger generation when it comes to savvy. Along with driving technology through purchasing power, baby boomers have shown high adoption rates of online financial management tools. IT IS AN UNIQUE AGE GROUP THAT ARE READY FOR TECHNOLOGICALLY DRIVEN FINANCIAL APPLICATIONS IN ORDER TO SIMPLIFY THEIR LIVES.

Ditch your All-in-One Printer unless it chills your wine too.

liteicon_comp_printer-blueToday I purchased a plain photo scanner with no whistles or bells. It won’t send a message to my smartphone when it needs to be updated. It will never talk to my coffeepot or washer and dryer.  Neither will it fax paperwork, print homework assignments nor chill my wine.

Yes, I am exaggerating about scanners which claim to chill my wine but here’s my point:   I am so OVER machines or services or people which claim to do it all.  Here’s why.